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Immigration - Work Permit in Montserrat

Every foreigner who wishes to work in Montserrat is required to obtain a work permit prior to taking up employment. They are generally granted to skilled professionals when no one in Montserrat can fill the special position.

New enterprises should include in their applications for concessions the rights to a certain number of work permits. In other cases posts must be advertised in the local newspaper and radio station prior to the submission of an application for a work permit. Generally, your employer will have to advertise your prospective job locally to make sure that no natives can take the position, that describe minimum qualifications and experience required.

If it is determined that no local inhabitants can fill the spot, then your employer must submit the application for the work permit. Your employer is to provide information about your work and educational experience, and why you have been chosen to fill this job as opposed to a local. Work permits are approved by the Executive Council.

Your employer must submit the following documents:

        • employee’s passport;
        • health certificate;
        • police certificate.

Later on in the process, you must provide passport photos.

Before granting work permits to non-nationals, the immigration authorities consider the number of non-national employees in the employ of the company at the time of application





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