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Getting Around in Montserrat

In Montserrat, traffic drives on the left, as in the UK. There is a good road network connecting all places of interest. Montserrat has well-paved roads, but driving can be difficult for those not used to winding mountain roads. Speed limits are restricted to 32kph (20mph).

To get around on Montserrat by public transportation, there is a choice of taxis or minibuses. Taxis and minibuses have green licence plates beginning with 'H'. You can hail a taxi or a minibus as it passes, but there are no scheduled times and no official stops. These vehicles usually stick to the main road, and it's largely a daytime service with very few running in the evening.

Minibuses are available for sightseeing. A bus service between villages and the town is provided by privately-owned minibuses.

Taxis are fixed rates for standard journeys, and drivers can act as guides and a number of different tours can be arranged.

A number of local car rental companies operate on the island. A valid foreign licence can be used to purchase a temporary licence at either your port of entry or any police station. The licence is valid for three months.

Bicycle rental is also available.





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