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Cuisine in Montserrat

The cuisine in Montserrat resembles to the general British and Caribbean one, as it is situated in the Caribbean zone and it is a British territory. The cuisine includes a wide range of light meats, like fish, seafood and chicken, which are mostly grilled or roasted. Being a fusion of numerous cultures, like Spanish, French, African, Indian and Amerindian, the Caribbean cuisine is very unique, yet complex. The recipes with the Caribbean background, like the Montserrat cuisine include various exotic fruits and greens, combined in fresh salads or as toppings for pastas and fillings for sandwiches.

There are many restaurants specialised on seafood dishes, which range from simple and raw to complex ones, which are combined with these influences and create unique tastes and flavours. There are many seafood cakes, such as the lobster cakes, which are considered delicacies by visitors – they contain mixed greens and tomato tartar sauce and they are served as snacks in the local bars. More sophisticated meals include the Montserrat jerk shrimp, with rum, cinnamon bananas and cranberry. In other more rural areas, people prefer to eat home-made food, like the traditional mahi mahi and local breads.

Locals are mostly Catholics and the religious holidays Christmas and Easter are very important in their culture. On these occasions, the traditional meals include meat, like sheep, lamb, mutton or beef. On Christmas, the traditional dishes include the traditional breads, served with local steamed veggies or roasted meats with seasoning and dips and the wide variety of exotic fruit tarts and ice-creams. Because there are some plantations of Sugar canes and palm trees with various fruits, there are many desserts such as the banana splash or coconut mousse with iced topping or exotic fruit tarts.





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